A message from Smart Beginnings Central VA

SBCV staff  are primarily working from home at this time, and continue to be reachable by email.  Voice mail will also be forwarded.  

All planned professional development programs are being postponed as we await the end of the COVD-19 pandemic.  

Updates from Virginia Department of Social Services, Virginia Department of Education and other resources will be added to this site and shared on our facebook page.

Summer Learning Kits are available for rising Kindergarten students.  Normally, these would be distributed duirng the last two weeks of school. We are exploring ways to distribute these.

We appreciate the Early Care and Education Providers who have contacted SBCV and expressed their willingness to help the community during this crisis, especially as the need for childcare for healthcare workers and other essential personnel has become urgent.  We are working with Centra Health, Child Care Resource Center, local school divisions and others to try to help fill rhis need.

We at SBCV, along with our community, country and the world, look forward to the end of this crisis and the return to normal programming.  Until then,  please stay safe and healthy.


August 2020

Smart Beginnings is seeking a highly qualified individual to fill the position of the Preschool Development Grant (PDG) Coordinator.     Job description attached.

Send cover letter and resume to:  Director, SBCV

1010 Miller Park Square, Lynchburg VA 24501 or by email to director SBCV  by August 



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Smart Beginnings Central Virginia (SBCV) is a regional initiative, serving the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell, Nelson and the city of Lynchburg.  Each locality has an active Task Force focusing on local needs.


Our Vision:  All Children are supported in getting ready for kindergarten, to lay the building blocks for third grade reading proficiency.


Our Big Goal:  By 2025, 94% of children in Central Virginia will arrive at kindergarten ready to learn, as measured by PALS-PreK.

SBCV serves as a facilitator of conversation and action focusing on the needs of children.


The Smart Beginnings statewide network is guided by the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation.  Learn More



Smart Beginnings Central Virginia

1010 Miller Park Square

Lynchburg, VA.  24501

434.455.6914  or 434.455.6921

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