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United Way of Central Virginia

School Readiness Initiative (SRI)


Recently, the United Way of Central Virginia's Board of Directors voted to gradually change the way UWCV operates, to focus directly on the issues that most significantly impact the citizens of Central Virginia.  By concentrating on issues where it's possible to have a significant, measurable impact, UWCV intends to do more for the region it serves.  This Community Impact approach is one supported by United Way Worldwide and has been adopted by many other United Way organizations.


Community Impact - Issues Focused Model

Like many community services organizations, UWCV believes in the Collective Impact theory; that working together in a collaborative, strategic and focused way is necessary to create long-term, sustainable change.


The Issue:  School Readiness

The Goal:  By 2025, 94% of kindergarten students will begin school ready to learn.


The Vision:  All children are supported in being ready for kindergarten, to lay the building blocks for third grade reading proficiency.




Birth through Age 4 Support:  Strengthen and empower families and communities so that they can foster the optimal development of children and improve school outcomes.

Pre-K Quality:  Increase and align the quality of pre-k across all settings, to lay the building blocks for third grade reading proficiency.

Reading Proficiency Surveillance:  Conduct reading proficiency assessments and link identified children to developmentally appropriate supports, as well as link early educators professional development and supports.

Integrate Pre-K into Early Education Continuum:  Foster a regional culture that views Pre-K as part of an integrated early education continuum (PreK - Grade 3) that sets students and schools up for success.

Current Status: 

The percentage of students identified Below Fall PALS-K Benchmark  (Fall 2015):

               Amherst 16.2%   Appomattox: 10.3%      Bedford: 12.8%     Campbell: 5.6%     Lynchburg:  14.5%   Nelson:  24.0%

The percentage of students in Central Virginia that did not pass Third Grade Reading Standards of Learning tests in 2016:


    Amherst:  31%     Appomattox: 30%     Bedford: 24%     Campbell: 28%     Lynchburg: 31%

                                                                     (Virginia  25%)

Progress and SRI Highlights (1st Quarter FY2017-2018)


children currently served through the ExCELL program  (174 Bedford County; 90 Amherst County)



Hours of onsite coaching to prekindergarten teachers through ExCELL


Families  attended Family Engagement events in September (approximately 45% participation)!

1,000 +

Children have visited Gus the Learning Bus


Professional Development Hours provided to more than 100 educators.


Hours of Health/Safety Training provided


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