2015 WOYC Anointed Minds.jpg
2015 WOYC Anointed Minds.jpg

2015 WOYC Anointed Minds.jpg
2015 WOYC Anointed Minds.jpg


Week of the Young Child

in Central Virginia

Week of the Young Child

Celebrating our Youngest Learners

April 10-16, 2016



Suggested Themes from Naeyc.org/woyc


Music Monday!  April 11, 2016

Sing, Dance, Celebrate, Learn

Try this:  Find the beat to connect music, movement, and math.  Practice

clapping, drumming, or stomping to the beat of the music while counting.



Taco Tuesday  April 12, 2016

Healthy eating and fitness at home and school

Try this:  measure your ingredients while making your tacos. Ask children if they'd

like the same or different amounts of each ingredient.


Work Together Wednesday  April 13, 2016

Work together, build together, learn together

Try this: practicing organizing blocks by size. Try building a block tower with large

blocks on the bottom and smaller blocks on top.


Artsy Thursday  April 14, 2016

Think, problem solve, create

Try this: bring art outdoors.  Offer dark and light paper, chalk and pastels, and suggest children create their own versions of the day and night sky.


Family Friday  April 15, 2016

Sharing family stories

Try this:  invite parents for a Family Friday breakfast, where children can prepare and share breakfast treats with their families.










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